2017 Nucleus Colony

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2017 Honey Bee Nucleus Colony

State Inspected and Certified to Sell

North Carolina Certified Beekeeper (Journeyman)

These nucleus colonies will be made up of the following:

*2017 Queen- These queens will be prolific layers. 
*Multiple generations of bees and brood from your queen.
*5 frames of brood (open and capped), pollen, honey and drawn comb or foundation
to allow for expansion.
Pick up:
*Pick up will be at our bee yard in Star, NC (Montgomery county) beginning late April 2017 at a time that's convenient for you (daylight hours). 
*We will transfer the 5 frames of bees, pollen, honey and the queen into your new equipment.
***You will ALWAYS be shown your queen so that you know she is in your nucleus.

Honey bees will not be shipped!  They are local pick up only.

You will need to bring with you:
Brood chamber with five frames of foundation installed, a hive top, and a bottom board. 
Screen wire (#8 hardware cloth) to cover entrance to hive
You will need a way of securing your box so that you can safely transport it home.  Ratchet straps are ideal.

After the sale:
*We are available to answer questions or provide guidance. We want your hive to thrive 
and bring you enjoyment. 

A deposit of $50 is required to hold each nucleus colony ordered, with the balance due at time of pick up.

To pay deposit only at this time choose option "Pay Deposit Only"

If you'd like to pay for the entire amount due at this time choose option: "Pay in Full"

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